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"Duncan! By Jove, you're alive!" called out Stede Bonnet as Edward jogged up to him. He sounded so very grateful, Edward couldn't help but smile.

"Of course I am." He thrust the man's purse at him, the pick-pocket who'd snatched it long since gone from sight. "That filch was no fuss."

"I ought to have known. Well-" The merchant glanced up, and sighted the sign that marked the tavern they'd sought. "It does seem we've arrived! I hope you don't mind, but-"

"Take your time," Edward said graciously. "Meet with your fellow merchants. I'll be just here."

Bonnet nodded and wended his way through the courtyard in search of his fellow traders. As for Edward, the Cuban sun was beating down something awful, so he put up the hood of his robes and made for a suitably shadowed table.

He was joined a moment later by a stubbly-chinned, black-mustached fellow with sour breath- a sight no different from any one of the dozens of men Edward had sailed with these past years, save that he wore clothes a hair or two better. "Fancy meeting a Welshman deep in dago country," he said, leaning over the table unsteadily. "I'm English meself. Biding my time 'til the next war calls me to service."

For his part, Edward had sought neither the man's company nor his information. He eyed the fellow and lightly replied, "Lucky King George, having a piss-pot like you flying his flag."

Ill-spoken, to be sure, but well worth it- at least, until the man leaned forward the more and got a better look at him. "Oy! Skulk! I seen your face before. You's mates with them pirates down in Nassau," he said.

Bloody buggering hellfire. They gibbeted pirates in Havana, and the man was anything but quiet. "Shut your fucking gob or I fill it with shot," Edward snarled, his hand going to his pistol. "You hear me?"

But the man only peered closer, and suddenly said, "Edward, is it?"

So of course Edward had no choice but to punch him.


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